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Re: [RC] Running and Riding - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

The analogy to human track is flawed. There is no such distinction in 
human track - that longer the distance somehow the higher on the pecking 
order. Endurance riding evolved on the premise that the shorter distances 
were to lead up to the longer distances. In human >>>>track - the 100 
meter is an even every bit the same as is a 5K or marathon. 

I don't think anybody would say that completing a 25 miler is higher on the 
pecking order than winning the 1.25 mile Kentucky Derby, or that the winner of 
a 1.5 mile claiming race is higher in the pecking order than the winner of the 
championship AQHA sprint.  It's within the sport of *endurance* that endurance 
is the scale we rate ourselves on. 

I think the logical thing would be for Pony Club to have a "Distance" program. 
Knowing how Pony Club works I would expect they'll be judging quite a few areas 
somewhat like an ECTRA ride...I would expect it would be a good introduction to 
distance riding and a place to learn about the distance sports...their way. I'm 
guessing they'll have very specific ways they consider "right" and doubt it 
will be the hotbed of experimentation that our brand of endurance riding is. 

Angie McGhee

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