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Re: [RC] 20th Birthday... - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

That was the blizzard that shut down the entire southeast for four days.? I was traveling from Warner Robins, GA to California.? I had been driving for about 8 hours when I stopped outside of a little town in Louisiana and pulled into the nearest hotel.? I had no idea that I had been driving half of the night in an ICE STORM!?? I had felt some hydroplaning but didn't really think much of it.? You do that a lot driving in the southeast when it rains hard and fast.?
I stopped at the front of the hotel, walked into the lobby, asked for a room, as I see two desk attendents looking at me with horror on their faces.? They asked how long I had been driving in the storm.? I said, "what storm?"? As one of the attendents points to my car.? I turned and looked to see sheets of ice streaming off of my car like you would see flames that are painted on race cars.? I was then, with a?horrified voice, called my boss in CA and said, "I think I might be a few days late!"? LOL!?
I was at that hotel four days.? On the third day all of the people staying at the hotel were bused over to the nearest town for food and supplies.? We crossed over an overpass.? It was a parking lot on I 10 as far as the eye could see in both directions.??I was horrified to see the throngs of motorist and in particular the trucks with horse trailers.? I asked a highway patrol what was being done for the horses to get water to them.? They said they were walking bottles of water to them as best that they could.?
Nope will NEVER forget that experience.? Especially when I was thinking I think I'll take I 10 to CA.? Because I 80 might have a lot of snow over the Rockies.?? LOL!? I sure was glad that I had not been traveling with my horses.? They were in CA all safe and sound.

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 5:22 PM, rides2far@xxxxxxxx <rides2far@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>I remember it! ?I was looking out the front door of the hotel and thinking,
"Oh, it's snowing." ?Since most of the AERC conventions were held in Reno,
the snow didn't surprise me, until I suddenly remembered we weren't in Reno!

Yeah, not too common to get 18" of snow in Atlanta in the Spring. It was 81 degrees down here last Saturday. Three of us Chattanooga riders spent the night with Betsy Gilman who lives in Atlanta. We got up and fought our way on foot to the Marta station, had to climb over the frozen turnstiles. Got on the train and went to the other side of Atlanta and the train stopped and said it was shutting down. I would have never left the house that morning I was so freaked out but Betsy had no doubt we could get there. We got out of the train in whiteout conditions and walked till we caught a bus. The bus drove till it couldn't go any farther. Stuff out by the airport is *way* spread out and we were headed to the airport hotel. A huge black man on the bus said he worked at the hotel we wanted and we could follow him. We just trudged through the snow following his sillouette with absolutely no landmarks visible till we saw the sign for the hotel. I forgot that the airport stuff was so spread out it was another 1/2 mile before we found the building. Once we were there...we stayed. No extra clothes, no room, nothin! ?After it quit snowing they couldn't bring in supplies because I-75 was a parking lot of abandoned cars for miles and miles. Took forever for people to find out where they'd all been towed to.


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D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson

"Go Ball State University Cardinals"

Re: [RC] 20th Birthday..., rides2far@xxxxxxxx