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[RC] riding shoes for difficult feet - Lynn White

I have the same "conformational" problem but not as bad as you.  I have yet to 
find a woman's shoe that actually fits my fat feet. I've been wearing men's 
shoes for just about everything except formal occasions. I avoid formal 
occasions because of the shoe issue.  

Here are my recommendations:  Try bicycling shoes, the ones without the peddle 
cleats.  The soles are stiff, and you can probably get them in men's sizing. I 
would never ride a horse in these shoes without a stirrup cage though:  They 
are kind of "sticky".   I used to wear my bicycling shoes everywhere because 
they were so darn comfortatable.  Another option is rock climbing shoes.  You 
can get either the "friction" shoe or the "edge" shoes.  The edge shoes have 
the stiff sole.  Rock climbing shoes come up over your ankle and provide some 
ankle support.  Tell the salesmen what you need and perhaps they can help you.  
These people want your feet to be comfortable. They'd probably get a kick out 
of what you want the shoe for. 

The third thing you can do is contact the White boot company In Spokane and 
just have them make you a pair of custom riding shoes.  Look at spending over 
$250 if you go this route.  But you will get a high quality product fit for 
you.  White boots will rebuild your shoes for half of what they would cost 
new...and you will get a pair of shoes/boots back that look brand new.   My 
husband just got his "rebuilt" boots back (three pair) and they look like they 
came off the shelf.  If you decide to have Whites build you a shoe do it NOW 
and don't wait for fire season!  They get kind of back logged in July.  I think 
they have a website.

What I find funny is that riders will go an Oddyssey  and spend thoussands of 
dollars to find the perfect fitting saddle and then buy badly fitting shoes. If 
your feet hurt and you ride poorly because of it no custom saddle is gonna make 
up for your unbalanced seat.   


"Our enemies should know: we will never apologize for being free men."

-Geert Wilders



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