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[RC] Why does the FEI have new qualification rules? (was: FITS 60...) - k s swigart

Steph Teeter said:

But - I could give Josie my horse to ride over Memorial
?Day weekend on a 50 in Idaho! He's done almost 4000 miles,
?8 100's (most of them FEI including a 4* Pan American
?Championship), but according to FEI's new qualifications
?he is no longer qualified to do a 100 until after he does
?a 50 and a 75 because he didn't do an FEI 100 during the
?past 2 years. (is this stupid or what!!?)
I don't know whether it is stupid or not, as, if you ask me, it depends on what 
else he has or hasn't done in the past two years.
If you believe in the idea of qualification at all, then yes, a horse that has 
done nothing but stand in a pasture in retirement probably ought to be required 
to requalify.? Or if he has been laid up for two years with a torn 
suspensory...? If, on the other hand, the horse has been out doing non-FEI 
rides but of the same length and speed, then requalification does seem 
Unless, of course, the real reason for requiring the qualification at FEI rides 
is that the FEI wants to collect fees from riders who want to be able to 
participate at the Championship level all along the way and not just for the 
Championship (which is what _I_ would guess, if I were guessing).
Truman said:
If it is done at an FEI ride they can be sure that
?the courses are the correct distances and the ride
?is run under the same set of rules and conditions
?that they would expect to see at championship rides.
?A good argument could be made of this stand.
This would only be a good argument if the FEI actually does ensure that all FEI 
sanctioned rides ARE of the correct distances and run under their rules.? I 
haven't seen any evidence of that.
Orange County, Calif.

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