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Re: [RC] FITS You like moving pictures? - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

-- Kim <fxlivestock@xxxxxxx> wrote:
What was winning time in the 100?

They started at 7AM and finished at approximately 6 PM. I had to leave at 7PM 
to make it to school 9 hour drive north at 7 AM. :-P  I did not get to stay for 
the awards and do not know what the hold times were. I've tried to get in touch 
with them down there and the phone's dead.

I will say that they did the last 10 miles in around 45 minutes...raced in and 
were down within a very few minutes (less than 5 I'd say) of their return to 
camp. They both waited the full time till the CRI to get their completions out 
of fear of the absolutely assenine "one strike you're out" rule at the finish. 
It is absolutely the worst idea ever...make them get the pulse really low out 
of fear of a jump and risk the horse standing there long enough to tighten up. 
That was part of what got Josie. The horse was 64 very quickly, we got him down 
to 57, walked down to the gate and he jumped to 61 in the sun, got worried and 
went back to the shade to get him lower. Wind was blowing, by the time we had 
the nerve to take him in to trot he had a cramp...his other criteria was great 
and the darned CRI was 48/48.

For those who seem concerned, Josie has a chance to do an FEI 50 at the AHA 
ride in GA or Biltmore...but when you're rooting for the big dogs to revolt 
against the current stupidity, you feel like a scab crossing a picket line to 

On the positive note, they did not use those awful little slips of paper at the 
P&R area so the FEI thing would have been less irritating than usual for non 
FEI participants.

P.S. I committed the cardinal FEI sin!!! I was leading the horse through the 
P&R area and he stopped to pee. Before I thought...I WHISTLED!  It's such a 
difficult habit to break! Everybody turned at once and yelled "You can't do 
that!!!!" then they all died laughing telling me what awful reprocussions it 
could have. I wouldn't dare tell that if we hadn't already DQ'd. I'd figure 
there would be a protest.


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