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Re: [RC] Ride Refunds - marybenstover

My preference is:


No shows - no refund.  It is just plain rude not to call.  This is also why I don't accept entries over the phone any more.  I have filled out entries and made up rider cards and packets over the phone and then had riders just not bother to show up.  They have not sent in $$$$ so just don't bother to call.  This means that we have a rider list that needs to have all copies changed the morning of the ride, plus the time and trouble to fill out the entry over the phone.


However I did have one no show a couple of years ago and when I got home after the ride there was a message on my recorder that they had to pull and knew they would get no refund and hoped to do a ride in the future.  I called and the mother answered the phone and told me they were out taking care of the horse.  She was not a horse person but said that the vet had told them it was a "bowled tendon."  I told her to tell them I was tearing up their check.


We have a cut off date for a full refund.  We also have a "late fee" which I think is necessary.  It is a lot of work for ride management to enter riders who just show up at the ride to enter and having a late fee helps cut that number down.


If a person shows up at the ride and gets pulled at the preride I would prefer to give back all of the money, especially if the rider will stay and volunteer which they often do.  A rider spends a lot of money to come to the ride and to withhold a portion for "office charges" just seems like adding insult to injury.


The bottom line is that you do need to have rules but can ease up on them on a case by case basis...................mb

[RC] Ride Refunds, Drin Becker