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[RC] FITS 100's at 90 miles - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

First three horses in at 90 mile mark:

Danielle McGunigall
Ellen Rapp
Hernan Barbosa

They headed out for the last 10 mile loop around 6:05. Danielle's horse is 
absolutely stunning. Not that Ellens isn't looking good too. Both left at a 
hand gallop, Danielle left out a minute or two in the lead. Hernan was just 
arriving after they'd left so there was a good 30 minute gap.

Talked to Tom Swift. He's extremely frustrated. His horse "Junior", winner of 
the 2008 Biltmore 100 needed an FEI 50 this weekend to be allowed to do the FEI 
75 at the whatchadoodle (not Red Barn but same weekend) ride, so he could do 
the Biltmore 100. Well, spent his whole winter down here in FLA training, 
trying to jump through all these hoops and the horse stepped on himself on the 
4 mile trailer ride over here and didn't vet in in time to do the FEI.(Of 
course he's fine today) Now there's no way last year's winner is considered 
"qualified" to enter this year.

Meanwhile I drove all the way down here to let Josie get in an FEI 50 to prove 
she's capable of entering the FEI 75 Junior Rider's championship...even though 
she has completed 33 or so AERC 50 milers, and the horse she borrowed tightened 
up and trotted "off" in the rear end at the end of 55, so she's not qualified. 
That's just her 2nd pull ever and she's pretty bummed, but Steve Rojek cheered 
her up a little giving her Segway lessons and letting her do doughnuts in the 
field. :-)

Paul Sidio just came in turtle in the 55 with his young horse and he looked 
good. Paul was just as cheery as ever.

I'm off to the finish line. Should be downloading some photos soon as things 
have slowed down.


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