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[RC] FITS 100 60 miles - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

It's HOT, feel the skin burning. We all look like raisins.

The 100's are looking pretty darned good though and not that many pulls.

At the 60 mile mark the leaders are:

1. Ellan Rapp pulsed down at 1:18:50
2. Danielle McGunigal (sp?) 1:21
3. Justin Nelzen 1:25
4. Farzad Faryadi 1:25
5. Jeremy Olson 1:28
6. Harnan Barboza 1:57

Danielle is riding Spectacular Gold, Vallary's horse that won the 50 at the 
National Championships. That's the one she gives Steph credit for. Steph called 
her and told her to buy this horse's dam for breeding. He's a TALL horse, I 
assumed an Anglo but they said "No, purebred". Everything about him looks FAST. 

Four pulls so far:
Steve Rojek
Steve Hay
Kyle Gibbons :-(
Mary Lewis

Turned out there was no hurt rider earlier..(did I mention a scrambling of 
rescue types?) It was a horse that belongs to..."The Lithuanian girl" I think 
she's with Darolyn, it got loose and ran through a barbed wire fence. Since 
there's no barbed wire here it must have run off the farm. Word is that it's 
cut up and has a hemotoma but will be OK.

Josie just left out on the last loop of the 50. She said she puked off the 
horse...that's a first for her. It's hot. Just talked to someone else who had 
planned to do the 100 but got too sick trying to make it through the 50 
yesterday. The heat is getting to folks who just aren't used to it this time of 

Joe Schoech has proven himself a saint *again*. He did the 75 Friday, the fifty 
yesterday and planned to take today off...but a junior lost her sponsor and was 
at the back of the 30 so Joe saddled up and took her the last 15 miles. 
Honestly, the man's going to have so many "jewels in his crown" in heaven it's 
going to crush him!

The new FEI rules have gone over like a lead balloon. I've heard more 
disinchantment than I've ever heard from that crowd. Quite a bit of talk of 
hanging it up. Wanting to do the 100 FEI at Biltmore but can't unless they got 
the 50 in here and a 75 at Red Barn...not enough time to get them in, etc. I 
honestly believe if the WEC wasn't in KY in 2010 there would be a mass exit.


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