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[RC] FITS 100 Sunday up to date - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

It's 11:48 Sunday. The 100's started this morning at 7 AM in pitch dark with a 
faint light starting to glow on the horizon. It was pretty cool, I had on a 
shirt, sweatshirt and jacket and wanted coffee to hold to knock the chill off.
The stars were crystal clear at 5:30 AM, not a cloud in the sky, Blood red moon 
setting. One good shooting star for a good omen.

23 horses started the 100 on a day that promises push 90 degrees. No clouds, 
the sun is pretty brutal at mid day but there's a steady breeze that helps 
some. Even the horses that are heavily clipped look hot with their shaggy legs. 
Those who only have trace clips look pretty matted up and itchy, making you 
want to break out the clippers again. The sand has gotten deep in places. The 
"Yellow" loop is especially bad, so much so that they changed the trail for the 
55's last night and let them switch to firmer roads, but the 100's get to do 
that tough 15 mile loop for their 2nd let this morning which they are finishing 
now. It's going to be a tough day.

The front runners came into the start at 9AM, completing the first 25 miles in 
2 hrs. flat. My daughter is in the 50 and carried a GPS and yes, it was a true 
25 miles, they were moving on. I guess the urge is to cover all the ground you 
can while it's that cool.

The leaders coming into the first check were:

Farzad Faryadi
Jeremy Oleson
Danielle McGunigal
Ellen Rapp

Steve Rojek was right up there but was pulled at the first check. Personally I 
would have been relieve if I were him...he did the 75 Friday and a 50 Saturday 
but he just smiled and said, "Oh no" when I asked if it was a relief. Steve Hay 
was also pulled at the first check.

The next 15 miles was the deep sand loop. 
If I heard right, the front runner came in at the 40 mile mark at 11:03

Front runners:
Daneille McGunigall
Ellen Rapp
Jeremy Olson
Justin Nelson
Farzad Faryadi
Cheryl Van Deuson

OK, typical ride. A loose horse just went tearing by but it's caught again. 
Nothing too exciting to report. The ambulance left out while ago which makes me 
nervous with my kid out there but no further word so must not have amounted to 
anything. Rumor is that trailering here has lamed more horses than the sand, 
however, yesterday's winner of BC in the 25 was in a wreck on the way here, 
almost a head on, side swiped their camper so the pull out doesn't work and he 
still got BC!

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