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[RC] Pepper spray - Dixie Hale

Having used pepper spray at work for several years I can tell you that it can work very well for subduing an irate person. Before we were allowed to carry it we had to be sprayed so we did not use it  unless it was needed. It is extremely painful so much so that it will take your breath away and you feel as though you can not breathe. every orfice your have will weep. The hotter the day the more it hurts and it is not easily gotten off. It is not easily used you have to make sure you have a target that is standing still. This I know after spraying a man who was resisting arrest and he ran just as I sprayed it. Stupid me I ran after him right into the pepper spray. An hour later I was still plunging my head into ice and water trying to stop the pain. It is not recommended for dogs since they do not have the tears to get rid of the spray. Would I use it on a spooky horse with an attacking animal No way. The chances of spraying your horse and infuriating the dog are too great. I was attacked by a pit bull or cattle dog on a slow leisurly trail ride a couple of years back. The dog chased us for a mile barking and trying to spook the horses. One of the riders decided to charge the dog and scare it off. It attacked her horse and was trying to bite the horse. Then It came to my horse and got under her belly and tried to bite him in the belly he did get several small bites on his chest. My horse spooked and jumped a shallow ditch and I lost a stirrup The dog pusued us bitting at my foot that was out of the stirrup . I was terrified. fortunately another rider pusued the dog with her horse and managed to get her horse to kick the dog only them did it leave us alone. I have been the told the best thing to use on dogs is a water pistol containing ammonia. NO way would I use pepper spray on a  spinning scared horse while hanging on for dear life.