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Re: [RC] English for Bascule (was: Chair Seat) - Kathy Mayeda

There's a lot of cultures that adapt foreign words into their everyday
conversations.  The Japanese Tokyo dialect is so full of foreign words
that my parents (Nisei-born in America to Japanese immigrants) think
that they aren't even speaking Japanese!  I just got through watching
some YouTubes of some East Indian dance contest and they switch from
what I presume is Hindi back to English, and use English words in
between the Hindi.  Of course, these were both countries occupied by
English speaking nations.

To get back to horses as a topic, I marveled at the beautiful brush
paintings of horses in the Miyajima temples, but did not see a single
horse (that wasn't the white statue in Miyajima) during my 10 day trip
to Japan.


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:25 PM, k s swigart <katswig@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Leonard said:

? grrr.. i don't know the word in english (bascule in french)

The word in English for the French word bascule is....


..... bascule.

Unlike the French, historically speaking English speakers are not too 
proud?to use a word from another language when the other language has one and 
English doesn't.

This, incidentally, is why English is such a rich language and why there are 
more words in the English language than in any two other languages combined.

For many centuries now users of English have been perfectly willing to use 
other language's words if they have one for what they want.? English has been 
adding words from other languages for as long as it has been around.? Which, 
incidentally, is also one of the reasons it has lots of synonyms (many words 
that mean virtually the same thing).

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.? Personally, I like my horses to have some bascule at the canter.? It is 
the ability to bascule that allows the horse to best use the power of the 
hindquarters, to move more efficiently, and to get less interference from the 
braking caused by the forehand.? I don't ask for collection, but I do ask for 
engagement and a rounding of the back (also known as "self-carriage").? This 
is generally true for any gait, but it is especially true for the canter.

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[RC] English for Bascule (was: Chair Seat), k s swigart