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[RC] My late thoughts on AERC convention~~~~~~~~~~ - Charles Coleman

# 1. I think it is great that it does come across the country every 3 years or so.
# 2. I was not expecting to pick up my regional award since so many are given and I fully understand that shipping that many cross-country is cost-prohibitive.
# 3. I was expecting to pick up Hawks 5,000 mile blanket and very disappointed to only get a certficate. Not many horses especially here in the NE make it that far. However I am fully recovered and glad I went o support AERC.
On a different note here in the NE we are losing more rides than we are gaining at least in 2009 (Michaux Madness, SUAR and Peace Point) not sure which others yet. BUT I am stepping up to the plate and managing the Hickory Creek rides in Tidoute Pa. NO one has said anything nice to me for doing it (I can sleep ok with that) BUT many have complained that I am not running a 50/50 instead am offering 3 days of 30s and one 60. Some of the ones that whined never even rode 2 days of 50s! If you look over the records here in the NE the 2nd day is not supported hardly enough riders to give out top ten. My help like me are getting long in the tooth and don't want to be tied up and wore out from two long days for a handful of riders.
End of my babbling! Mary C