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Re: [RC] Kooter - Drin Becker

" I had the pleasure of crewing for Suz and Kooter many years ago at
Tevis - a couple of times.  Like Lucy, the year before she was shoving
wet alfalfa cubes down his throat, I was doing the same thing - same
place too, Michigan Bluff.  He wasn't feeling off though, he just
didn't want to bend his head down to eat!

I think the reason Kooter liked to be hand fed at vet checks was so he did
not have to bend his head down to eat and lose sight of his competition :-)
When crewing for Suzie at the ROC in Montana when Suzie and Becky were
riding neck to neck for three days my husband and I were crewing on the last
day at one of the checks . My husband Jim who is not an endurance rider but
an outfitter was holding Kooter's feed pan so he could eat and said to me ,
" I believe he (Kooter) is watching his competition " And sure enough Kooter
would take a bite and than just slowly and calmly look around the vet check
like he was making sure everyone was still there :-) A great memory of him
and Kooter could not of had a better riding buddy than Suzie . I also have
another funny memory of seeing Suzie stop to help a rider who had went off
her horse at a ride , Suzie had the gal jump on behind her on Kooter and Kooter
promptly tried to buck them both off :-) A great horse .
Drin Becker
Mtn Region


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