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RE: [RC] [Consider This] Akhal-Tekes in Russian Endurance Ride - Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM

I have a copy of that book Horses of the World---or at least I did when I was growing up.  I used to spend hours poring over it when I was a little girl, and playing with my Breyer horses in the creek bed, pretending they were all these rare and exotic breeds.  I still have my old Breyer collection in a box somewhere and most of them are worn down to a grade 3 lameness from being played with so much.  They didn’t have Easyboots for Breyer horses back then. <g>


I couldn’t have quoted a single passage from the book to you, but your quote about the A-Ts and Turkmenes  made all kinds of bells go off.  Funny how long term memory works.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM


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Notice the event took place in 1935.  Interesting....

We have a book called Horses of the World by Daphne Goodall, published in 1965.  We've  had it since our daughters were young girls.  It features all the breeds of all the countries, and here is what it says about the Akhal-Teke:  "Bred in a number of provinces, and is a direct descendant of the very old Turkmene race."  Look at the Turkmene and here is its description:  "....iron hard legs; of exceptional stamina and endurance, fearless, obedient, and very fast."

After our family got in to endurance riding in 1972, we used to read this description and dream, wishing there were such a horse in the USA.  Now we in this country are so much closer to that dream.  I don't know how many A-Ts there are here now, but there were none when that book first came out.



[RC] [Consider This] Akhal-Tekes in Russian Endurance Ride, Merri
Re: [RC] [Consider This] Akhal-Tekes in Russian Endurance Ride, Barbara McCrary