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[RC] Scammer.. A new twist to the same old thing - Lucie Hess

I've received a death threat recently.  (No Joke) The
writer had very poor English and grammar.. The story
was that he had been paid 10, thous. to eliminate me,
or terminate me.. can't really remember.  It was sent
to unlisted multiple recipients, so I know it was a
mass mailing.. However, this email.. pissed me off..
can you say that on ride camp.  So I started messing
with the writer.. who turned out to be a guy..
I was pretty rude and I didn't expect him to respond
back, but by golly he did!  Anyway.. he continued his
threats and then sent me my address and phone number,
both home and work.. To prove he was "for real".
He then one morning called my cell phone 9 times and
my previous place of employment and asked for me. 

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how he got my
personal info.  So I googled myself, and notified the
proper authorities.
I found out that he got my info off of the "Travel
Net" on Endurance net.  I know because he made the
same typo I did in putting in my info.

I know this guy is just scamming me, but it aggravates
me to no end to think of some other  poor person he is
frightening.. I ain't scared!!!

This scam is from Nigeria and has a drop box in the
UK.. You can look up similar scams by googling the
name of the person I was supposed to send the money
to.. A well know name in the scamming business.

Bottom line is.. be  careful in putting your personal
info out there, no matter how innocent it seems to
This guy is still emailing me.. He's an idiot.. he
thought I was a male until he heard my voice mail.. He
kept calling me "Mr. Lucie"  
But I've learned my lesson to not screw with these
folks.... they don't take a joke very well, nor do
they like being screwed with!!!   

 Columbia, Missouri
 NATRC Region 6
 AERC # 65 
 AERC Central Region
 OCER member

Be a better friend, newshound, and 
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