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Re: [RC] OT - Australian Shepherds - Barbara McCrary

We have a Border Collie who got kicked by a horse, had 6 upper front teeth quickly removed, and hasn't learned a thing about why he shouldn't be heeling horses.  Poor old dear.  I really think there is something else in his DNA beside BC, as his elevator doesn't run all the way to the top (as the Duck would say.)  But he has done the occasional marvelous herding thing, like the time a calf went right through the chute at branding time, and Casey went after him, gently, quietly herded him around a bunch of obstacles and we quickly opened the gate into the corral, where Casey deposited him.  Other than that, he's just been a good companion.  He was given to us, I'm sure, because he didn't have all the necessary smarts to be a good trial dog.  But he's cute...
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From: Chris A
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] OT - Australian Shepherds

Yes, I am owned by an aussie shepard! I got found by one 4 years ago and she's never left my side. Very smart dog and wonderful to be around. She tried herding the horses once, got kicked at and wisely decided to herd the goat instead.

Nancy Sturm <sturmranch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
We've had two. The first lived to age 16 and we missed her so terribly that
we bought a second. She is nearly 14 and it's been a long 14 years. Ours
have both been spayed females. They both needed a job or made their own.
They both were allowed in the house and were good house dogs. Neither of
ours was a one person dog. Dorie has a long thick coat that we have needed
to clip each summer. She is a bad barker and now in her old age probably
has some type of dementia.

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Re: [RC] OT - Australian Shepherds, Chris A