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Re: [RC] link to McNabb video - Cindy Collins

That is a problem with those "on-demand" expo type situations. ?I believe that Ken would normally take several days to accomplish this lesson. ?

On Feb 20, 2008, at 10:54 AM, heidi larson wrote:

I saw Ken do this at a horse expo a few years ago, a kiger
mustang, he was broke to ride.? Ken did lay him down, but
it didn't look too simple on that particular horse.? Ken
was sweating hard and parts of his clinic looked like it
might be dangerous for the average person who doesn't have
his experience.? I don't know if I'd try it after seeing
him in person.


--- Cindy Collins <c_collins@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Here's that link to Ken's video on teaching horses to lay


An Issue of Trust
Teaching Your Horse to Lay Down

This is the greatest exercise Ken has ever taught. Horses
by nature ?
are a fright and flight animal. Watch a herd of horses
and you will ?
notice that there is one horse always responsible for the
frightening ?
situations. When he lifts his head to check a new noise
the others ?
will lift an ear. If he takes off, the rest of the herd
will follow. ?
When resting you will always see a few horses left
standing, while ?
some lay down. The ones left standing are again
responsible for the ?
herd. When a horse lays down on cue he is trusting us to
protect him ?
from danger and life threatening situations. He is
trusting you with ?
his life. This has an amazing impact on your relationship
with your ?
horse. If we could learn from them as much as they learn
from us and ?
lay our life down for our Master, we could change our
lifes forever.

Ken teaches simple and practical steps, building a solid
foundation ?
for this exercise. You will watch him teach a horse that
has never ?
previously laid down. As he takes you through each step
you will ?
learn to practice each lesson until your horse responds
smoothly and ?
quietly. Beau, Ken's paint horse stallion, is used to
teach you the ?
advanced cues for teaching your horse to lay down from
the saddle. ?
Ken shares exactly what you need to know when riding your
horse from ?
the ground up.

Your relationship with your horse will never be the same.
It could ?
change your life!

Cindy Collins

? ? ? ____________________________________________________________________________________
Never miss a thing.? Make Yahoo your home page.?

Cindy Collins

Re: [RC] link to McNabb video, heidi larson