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Re: [RC] president's cup photos - Steph Teeter

Lisa - I'm not sure about the particular horse you mentioned, but for the most part these horses are in good 'racing form'. It's unusual to see a truly 'thin' horse. There are certainly exceptions to the rule (and I've seen a few that I thought were too thin) and I don't want to imply that every horse is in perfect flesh - but in generally these horses are trained and prepared to perform. A horse with excess body fat can't race at these speeds, they would overheat.


On Feb 18, 2008, at 8:00 PM, oddfarm wrote:

John or Steph, I was looking at some of the images from the President's Cup and noticed too many skinny horses. One horse particularly is image 0779. S/He is shaved except for the saddle area and is a chestnut or dun color. For all that "strict" vetting everybody swears to, I am just surprised to see this. Not only can you count the ribs, but if you painted that horse black and laid him on his side on some white paper, I'll bet you would get a perfect shadow of the equine skeleton.

This horse to me, doesn't look healthy, fit or athletic.

Do you have any idea how this horse finished? I'm just curious. Especially since I don't know anything about this kind of stuff.

Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm


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[RC] president's cup photos, oddfarm