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Re: [RC] Solar Panel 'Electric fencing' - Sisu West Ranch

"...there such thing as an elephant proof unit ? ..." 
I read an account about problems in keeping African elephants out of a farm one time.  A rather impressive multi wire electric fence was constructed.  It was hooked to the strongest electric fencer made.  It worked fine until a calf got tangled up in it.  The calf cried for help.  The rest of the herd wasted no time in ripping the fence down, even in the face of the jolts. 
In MN similar problems happen with bears and bee hives.  Bears like honey.  If the fence is put up before the bear find the hives, and keeps them 50 feet (15 meters) away, all is fine.  If a bear finds the hives, they will knock the fence down even when getting a good electric shock.
My bottom line is that an electric fence is mostly psychological.  It works best on stable herds who have learned all about it.  The fence also has to be constantly maintained (a problem where vegetation can grow quickly) so the animals don't learn that sometimes it is off and thus test it.  I have a horse who when bored will bring his nose up to the fence until he first feels the electricity, then jerk back, repeating until the grain arrives.
When planning a new installation consider Horseguard fencing ( www.horseguard.com  ) this stuff is quite superior to the tape systems commonly available in N. American farm stores.  By the way the actual product is made in France, so I assume that someone else distributes to the rest of the world.


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[RC] Solar Panel 'Electric fencing', Nik Isahak Abdullah