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RE: [RC] EIPH bleeder??? - Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM

I would definitely get him scoped to see if you can find the source of the bleeding.  If it’s coming from the lower respiratory tract, then there are limited treatments open to you---on the race track, they use Lasix to thin the blood, but that’s not allowed in AERC and the Lasix isn’t particularly effective, anyway.  They still don’t know exactly what causes EIPH, but feel it’s probably related to the 300-400% increase in blood pressures between the right ventricle and pulmonary loop as blood circulates through the very small and thin-walled capillaries of the lungs.


It is also possible that the blood may be originating from the guttural pouches, and possibly related to a fungal problem (guttural pouch mycosis).  The guttural pouches in horses are somewhat unique in that the internal carotid artery runs past it at a very shallow depth as a heat loss mechanism during exercise.  A fungal infection can erode the artery wall and can potentially cause a fatal blowout.  Don’t lose sleep over it yet, though---if there were a fungus up in there, you would generally also be seeing other symptoms and it’s doubtful he would have otherwise performed well at an endurance ride.


There are lots of other minor issues that could cause some sporadic bleeding, but you won’t know until someone takes a good look up there.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM


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Subject: [RC] EIPH bleeder???


I am looking for some information on EIPH. My gelding at times has a very thin spray of blood in his nostrils very a day of hard riding. We thought it was because he does like rhymic breathing when he is working hard.. likes to hear himself breath. But at the edurnance ride yesterday he had more blood than nomal in his nostrils.. not dripping or pooling but you could see he had blood in his nostrils. This was after completing a LD on a 70 degree day. The vet said I needed to get him scoped. Which I propably will. Also suggested chinese herbs.

What do other people do for this problem.. at no time was he having any problems if anything he was being held back.. he loves to go and is in condition for the sport. he turns 8 in May but has just started his endurance rides.. only 4 thus far.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


[RC] EIPH bleeder???, Linda Winkel