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[RC] starting horses - resistant, strong horses! - Marlene Moss

Ok, speaking of starting horses. . .

I’m used to starting silly, extrovert type mares.  They’re willing to move, I just have to direct their energy.  Works for me and my somewhat impatient personality.


But I am currently starting an 8yo polish gelding that was a stallion til 6 (didn’t breed) and on 100 acres for the past 2 years.  He internalizes stress, is somewhat sensitive and has a very stout, strong neck.  I’m starting him in a bosal and he can be very responsive and cooperative when what I want coincides with what he is willing to do.  But if not, he is just very strong and resistant.


I know some of the bosal training can be rather rough to ensure a soft, sensitive response, but I’m not good at getting that level of forcefulness and my impression at least is that this horse will get pissed and blow up if I pick fights with him.


Basically he is just a different type of horse (mentally) than I am used to and I don’t know how much I am over reading into his attitude and therefore babying him and letting him get away with slowing the training process vs continuing to just go slower than I would normally.  I’ve had some horses that I take on the trail within the first 3-4 rides and we never look back. 


I do know some trainers but I just don’t see their personalities working with this horse.  Again, might just be me, but I think I should trust my instincts on this one. 


I guess I’m just looking for some personal experiences with horses of this type and maybe some guidance with bosal/hack training for the less than immediately cooperative (and very strong) horse.  I think this horse is going to be exceptional so I don’t want to mess it up by either pushing too fast or never getting it done!


Thanks for any advice and please feel free to take this off list if you have a long response for me!  And happy new years – it’s just after midnight as I write this (so if was wasn’t clear or didn’t provide enough info, that’s why!)




Marlene Moss

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