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[RC] The Godolphin, the Darley, and the Byerly Turk (was: More on colors) - kathy swigart

D'Arcy said:

When were the Darley, Gondolphin, and Byerly Turk bred.?

~1700, ~1725, ~1680 respectively

And, incidentally all three of them were bay or dark brown.

?Were any of those descendents such as the Priboj lines
?crossed onto mares that may have had Thoroughbred blood??

I am not sure what this question is asking.??However, all three of the above 
horses are of unknown breeding; although there is a great deal of speculation 
and stories about where they came from so nothing is really known of their 
breeding.? In fact, the first published stud book (Weatherby's General Stud 
Book) was not published until 1793, long after all three of them were dead, by 
collecting assorted pedigrees from private collections.? But?all of these 
pedigrees "dead end" at the imported oriental stallions (of which the three 
above are but a small portion, there are LOTS of oriental stallions in the 
pedigrees of TB horses, not just the famous three,it just so happens that these 
three are the only ones that exist in the direct sire line).

I don't know what the question about the Priboj lines is, unless the pedigree 
of Priboj includes thoroughbred ancestors. None of the three stallions above 
has any recorded Arabian offspring, in fact, there is some dispute as to 
whether they were "Arabians" themselves--many Akhal Teke people claim that the 
Godolphin horse was an Akhal-Teke, i.e. a "Turk"? I do know that Priboj is not 
a recorded descendent of any of the three "TB" stallions above.

To my knowledge, there are no purebred Arabian pedigrees that trace back to the 
1700s.? Most of them dead-end somewhere in the mid to late 1800s at the 
earliest, and many of them dead-end in the 1900s.

However, people (especially the French but also the Russians, which is where 
Priboj came from) have been crossing Arabian stallions onto Thoroughbred mares 
for a very long time, so it is unlikely that Priboj and/or his decendants have 
not been crossed onto TB mares at some time.

Orange County, Calif.

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