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[RC] Perspective - Kathleen

I am in north central Washington about 250 miles north of the Tri-Cities and we have more snow and MUCH colder temps and I LOVE WINTER!  It is so bright and beautiful and reflects so much light! 

However, to properly ENJOY the weather you have to have the proper equipment and be prepared.  We have a snow blower with which my husband diligently keeps trails open to the barn, in front of the run ins and gates, to the water trough and frost free spigot (which is wrapped in heat tape so it won’t freeze).  He also keeps my trailer “blown out” so it could be moved if we had an emergency.  We have our hay in the second story of the barn so I can just drop it down to the horses.  The winter water trough has a heater in the plug so the water is warm.  The horses have big turn-out rugs that are water proof and breathable so they are warm and dry.  Even my dogs have little horse blanket type coats to come out to the barn with me.  Everything is set up to be as easy as possible in the snow and ice and windy weather.

The first winter we lived here (without a barn or snow blower and hay in a stack under a tarp and hauling buckets of hot water) the charm of snow wore off quickly. 

Hang in there!  (and get a heat tape on your frost free—run a long outdoor certified extension cord from your house if possible)

Kathleen Ferguson