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Fwd: [RC] Perspective - desertrydr1

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Sent: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 8:59 pm
Subject: Re: [RC] Perspective

I HATE winter.  Here in the Tri-Cities, WA (South-eastern part of the state) we have about a foot of snow, and it just keeps falling.  I have had two of my frost free hydrants freeze up, and I'm bucketing water 4 gallons at a time to a trough about 30 feet outside my door.  I've sorta beat a path, but then it snows.  My little Toyota truck (2WD of course) is bravely crawling through the snow, trying as hard as I am not to get stuck, losing the battle on occasion.  I feed my horses, think maybe I'll haul water when I get back, because by now I'm exhausted just from trying to  break trail to get everybody fed. 

I've been feeding my friend's horses because she had to go to Seattle for the weekend.  Another bunch of trails to break every time, one to the house to check on the inside cats, one to the shop to check on the outside cats, a trip BACK to the house because their water is frozen, in spite of the brand new plug-in bowl.  Then a trip out to the barn, trying to put out enough hay to last til tomorrow night, as I can't get there in the morning before work.

I get home and don't make it all the way into the driveway, because my road has been plowed, and there's a foot high berm of hard snow across the driveway.  Get out the shovel, manage to get the little truck unstuck.  Run back and forth in the driveway a few times, hoping to beat the snow down enough to be able to get out in the morning to go to work.  Praying they will call with a 2-hour delay.

Now it's 9:00PM and I still have to go out and haul about 40 gallons of water to get my 6 through the next day.  And then laundry to do, cleaning up the mess that I make hauling water, getting to bed to get a decent nights sleep (maybe) and all to get up tomorrow morning with another 3-4 inches of snow! 

How's that for perspective!  Snow's great unless you actually have to do stuff in it, then it's just a pain in the behind. 



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