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Re: [RC] Doing the right thing (was: Desperate times) - Carrie Kitley

GAAAAA!!  I can't stand this anymore!!!  Right thing, wrong thing!!  We'll all NEVER light on the same page with this topic and I'm weary of hearing about shooting and eating horses, being humane or not, it's really an ugly picture, no matter how you look at it. 
I wonder how many proponents would suggest doing this with all the unwanted dogs and cats as well.  Hmmmmmm, that's a head-scratcher.

~Carrie  ~~___(\
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"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." 
~ Old Arabian Proverb


--- On Tue, 12/16/08, kathy swigart <katswig@xxxxxxx> wrote:
From: kathy swigart <katswig@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] Doing the right thing (was: Desperate times)
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 7:35 PM

Karen Everhart said:

> I do have problems with our horses being slaughtered simply
> because America's horse owners have failed to step up to the
> plate and do the "right thing" regarding over supply and
> animal husbandry.

There are some people who are of the opinion that slaughtering excess horses to
become a part of the food supply IS the "right thing" to do with
excess horses, and anything else is poor animal husbandry.

I certainly consider it more responsible hanbandry than killing them and
throwing the carcass away; and I also consider it more responsible husbandry
than sticking them in ignorant people's back yards to be negelected, or
sticking them in holding pens to be neglected and overcrowded.  I also consider
it more responsible husbandry than turning them loose on the range, letting them
propogate, forage for scarce food, and die of starvation.

Horses are prey animals.  To be killed and eaten is very much a part of the
natural order of things.

What I consider to be extremely irresponsible animal husbandry is to forbid
anybody from humanely killing and rendering the carcass into meat (i.e.
slaughtering horses locally).

Shoot 'em and eat 'em is the "right thing" to do, and yes, I
have a big problem with the American public (not just horse owners) failing to
allow this.  It is downright cruel to horses.

Orange County, Calif.

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[RC] Doing the right thing (was: Desperate times), kathy swigart