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[RC] LD BC - Alexa Olney

Ok I am trying this again hopefully it goes through correctly.

I have been riding endurance for the past 10yrs starting when I was 15 and in 
LD. I remember that all we got was completion and the results were listed as 
finished in aphabetical order. I am managing a ride in march in the PS and have 
been involved in managment of past rides. Sometimes it is not logistically 
possible to offer Bc for the LD. 
I know in this region it is hard to find vets, it is near impossible to get 
more than two vets for a ride and expensive. Volunteers are also difficult to 
get. It gets tuff when you have your 50mi coming into camp for a check and your 
top 10 25mi for a finish. The riders tend to get unhappy when the check line 
gets really long and only one vet can be in camp. You have 50's who are trying 
to vet into their hold so they can take care of their horse and get something 
to eat (hungry endurance riders are not very nice people) and then you have 
your top ten 25 s who have to check in an hour for BC judging. Things get 
backed up and no one is happy.
I do like the idea of a high vet score award then riders are not so inclined to 
race for those top ten spots. The only problem is there is no year end award. 
Actually as I understand the rules BC is an optional award for both distances 
it does not have to be given (rule 9 and 9.1). 

Also I think part of the reason why the "Endurance Mileage" "Limited Distance" 
subject keeps coming up is because of the way the distances are labeled in the 
sport. Perhaps someone has an idea of better labels and that would put some of 
this to rest. I cant think of one right now but its an idea.

Alexa Campbell



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