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Re: [RC] USRider - Jackie Floyd

Every time I have used US Rider I've had a good experience. They always ask
if my horse is OK first before anything else. This last time, I wasn't
hauling a horse, but rather a gooseneck flatbed with 3 tons of hay on it. My
truck decided at that time to completely die. Apparently, I got a bad tank
of gas and it ruined major parts of the engine to the tune of almost $5,000

Anyway, I called them, and they sent two tow trucks, both of which they said
were completely covered. One to haul my truck to the repair shop and the
other to haul my hay to my house. I was kind of floored by that. Well,
alright then!

However, the dispatch person failed to write down that I explicitely said
the trailer was a gooseneck, consequently, neither tow truck was equiped to
pull my trailer home. All they had was a fifth wheel. Fortunately, I was
able to call the person whose trailer it was and arrange to borrow their
truck. So after they took me home to get my car, I followed the tow truck
with my pickup to the repair place and then drove another hour to get the
friend's pickup to go back and get the trailer with the hay on it.

They were there in 45 minutes and I was way out on some boondock country
roads. So far, I've paid USRider less money than all the help they've given
me, so I'm a satisfied customer. And they always call back every so often to
see how I am and make sure things are going smoothly. I am sure there is
always going to be some exception to the rule, but that hasn't affected me

Jackie Floyd