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Re: [RC] Bit Thickness - Elizabeth Walker

Can you clarify something in your post? You said you used a Mylar level 1-2, and your mare quit being fussy, but you didn't know whether the Mylar snaffles had the same tongue relief.

From that - do you mean that the Mylar level 1-2 bit you switched to was not a snaffle? Which mouthpiece was it?

On Dec 10, 2008, at 3:34 PM, Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx wrote:

I guess I am wondering why she wants you to change the thickness, just
because it is thick doesn't mean that it is more comfortable for the horse
but many dressage folks (myself included at one time) though the thicker
bits better/kinder. Personally if the mylar is working for you I wouldn't
change. With that said, I would really look or try to feel the horse's
palate. One of my mares was very fussy with her head and when I went to a
narrower bit she was a much happier camper even thought I switched from one
french link bit to another. On my other mare I was also using a similar
thickness (the narrower french link) and she was fussy with her head. When
I switched to the mylar level 1-2 she quit being fussy with her head
although the mylar was the same thickness I think the tongue relief made it
more comfortable for her. I understand that the mylar snaffles are now
legal in USDF but I don't know if the mylar snaffles have the same tongue

So sorry to ramble but look at your horse's mouth with and without the bit
and pull back a little on the snaffle and see if it is hitting her palate.


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[RC] Bit Thickness, Sheila_Larsen