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Re: [RC] Poor Showing at WEC - Truman Prevatt

In athletics - stuff happens. Ball players get hurt or foul out - but the competition goes on. It's all part of the competition that has to be planed for. The US has been a no-show at the WEC from 2000 on. That's not the fault of the individual riders and horses - that's the fault of the management of the program by the USEF. There is a good reason coaches get fired if their team is not winning. Look at the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They were in the bottom of the barrel of the American League since their inception. In 2008 they went to the World Series. The difference a new owner brought in new management and a new commitment to excellence.

The USEF endurance program will not get any better by blaming the lightening, the course, the phase of the moon - or whatever other diversions they can come up with. It will only get better by developing a better program and bring in the right people to implement it.

I sure like to see the US be able to produce a competitive team at the WEC. We have the horses and riders to make it happen - we just don't have the management or maybe even commitment to make it happen. You don't have to be on the inside like Kim to see that - you just have to look at the results.


FXLivestock@xxxxxxx wrote:

Your statement is only going to be valid if they really do a thorough evaluation and NOT try to blame this purely on bad luck. If they do spin this as just bad luck, there is not going to be any improvement next year. I have a lot of questions about management issues that I read in those blogs that I would like to see addressed before I give those in charge a "pass" on bad luck alone.
Being that I have been completely immersed in the USEF program for the last 18 months, attended training sessions, and am on the training list, etc. I think I have a pretty good perspective of the USEF program and what is offered and where it is going. Truman is right that it is failing miserably. If this is the best (meaning program not horse/riders) they have to offer I have my doubts of how competitive any US team can be.
The perspective from someone actually participating in the USEF program,
Kim Fuess


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