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Re: [RC] common thread - rides2far

>>>>I am so thankful I grew up in an era where there was not the paranoia of having kids snatched that there is today.  I rode all over the area...I remember having men expose themselves and men make crude remarks to >>>me.  When I would tell my mother, she just told me as long as I was on my horse, I would be safe,
When I was 12 I rode a 50" tall pinto mare all over creation, including some trails up toward the mountain behind my house. There were some honest to goodness "hillbillies"...inbred with a moonshine still (for real!) , who lived in piecemeal houses back along the base of the mountain. One day my mom was telling me she didn't like me riding back there, something might happen. I decided to gamble a bit and told her yes, I really was in danger riding that pony because she was prone to balk and how much *safer* I'd be if they'd buy me a fast *horse*. Well, she never even considered the horse and jumped on the fact that I'd admitted I wasn't safe on the pony. Boy, did I have a hard time backing out of that statement!

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