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Re: [RC] WEC trails - Steph Teeter

There are plenty of ride results out there for both 75 mile (120km) and 100 mile (160km) rides. John LeClerc (the French team chef d'equipe) did a presentation at the FEI World Forum which was held in Paris last January - he covered several topics, but one was an argument for keeping the WEC distance 160km instead of 120km - and one of the justifications he presented was that at 120km the majority of eliminations were for metabolic, at 160km the majority were for lameness. I don't think it was a true statistical study though (margin of error, etc), just an observation based on average numbers. I think a person could make all sort of hypothesis on whether those numbers support a 'pro' or 'con' argument, but that is one piece of info that has been documented.

The more difficult question of longevity - whether horses would hold up longer if 120 or 160 were the max WEC distance - this would be a tougher one to quanitify.


FXLivestock@xxxxxxx wrote:
I would be greatly disappointed if the championship level (WEC) dropped to a shorter distance just so the speed factor could be accommodated on flat tracks so horses last longer. Are there any studies or proof that horses raced fast on shorter distances say 75/50 miles are going to hold up longer? >>


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Re: [RC] WEC trails - Steph Teeter, FXLivestock
Re: [RC] WEC trails - Steph Teeter, Truman Prevatt