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[RC] Adjusting a curb chain (was: myler bit) - kathy swigart

Carrie said:
> I've never used a bridle
> with an actual curb 'chain' before. 
> Advice please, from anyone who has
> used these?
The proper adjustment of a a curb chain (or strap for that matter) is an individual horse thing depending on how sensitive the horse is in the curb grove under its chin.
Any curb bit has multiple actions when the reins are applied, the major ones being pressure on the bars of the horse's mouth, poll pressure from the pressure put on the headstall by the upper levers of the bit, and pressure under the chin from the curb chain or strap. 
The way to adjust the curb chain is to adjust it so the pressure of the curb chain isn't "more" than the other prssures of the bit causing the horse to throw its head upwards to avoid the pressure, but don't adjust it so loosely that it might as well not be there (if you are going to adjust it that loosely, just take it off, after which, you no longer have a curb bit, but now have an elevator bit).

Different horses respond differently to different adjustments (or different materials) of curb chains.  And they may respond differently at different times of the year if during the winter the horse grows extra hair on its chin, thereby dulling the action of whatever kind of strap or chain you put under it.
Orange County, Calif.