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RE: [RC] Technically speaking (was: AERC Voting Ballots) - Ranelle Rubin

Amen Angie...love to be a fly on the wall of your dining room!

I tease my 15 (almost 16 yr old) because he actually did his first 50 in-utero! I was about 8 weeks pg. When I did Mt. Diablo Vista.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne

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To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 23:59:20 -0500
Subject: [RC] Technically speaking (was: AERC Voting Ballots)
From: rides2far@xxxxxxxx

>>>With respect to voting somebody else's ballot because they cannot be bothered, or because they have no opinion,
Quite often there are local elections where I do not know all the people who are running. My husband is very good about reading the paper and finding out the stances of the different candidates on various issues. He and I have very much the same views on the issues. He makes a list for me of the people he thinks we want to vote for. He does not *tell* me to vote for them, but he knows he and I think the same and lets me know who thinks along those lines. I appreciate him doing my research for me and take the list.
The same would go for say...Bonnie having me choose her candidates. She doesn't know Randy Eiland from Kim Feuss, but she does know about issues like FEI vs. AERC style rides, interest in encouraging 100's, etc.. She has an opinion on the *issues*; that's the sort of thing we talk about around the dinner table. She trusts me to know who thinks like we do (or at least try to figure it out). I certainly don't believe that's any less responsible way to vote than to have someone who is new to the sport, has no idea really what they believe and votes by name recognition alone. If you feel the need to toss my kid's votes because they're "uninformed" when they have lived the sport for so long and been in the middle of managing, competing, AERC business and everything else...well you're setting the bar pretty high for who can cast a ballot.
As for the age thing. Hey, the ballot showed up. They have her birthday. I always took it  that 16 was the age of responsibility with AERC. Tear it up, toss it, use it for a coaster. Use it to jot down ways to keep members instead of running them off with fairly rediculous petty discussions. I'm starting to regret wasting a stamp myself. If my name was on that ballot I'd be hoping to goodness I didn't get elected right now!
Angie McGhee

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[RC] Technically speaking (was: AERC Voting Ballots), rides2far