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[RC] WEC trails - Steph Teeter

Something to think about regarding WEC tracks and comments about requisite 'flat' courses - France has submitted a bid to host the 2014 WEG, and if they are granted the WEG, there's a good chance they would also host the WEC. And - there was a bit of grumbling from the French team (tho the French probably don't actually 'grumble'), in Malaysia about the lack of technical challenge of the course (flat). So... if they do host a WEC, I bet it will have some technical aspects to it! It would be pretty interesting actually to see if they're willing to hold a real challenging event.

But - I do think that the flat tracks that the recent WECs have had are more a result of the host Nation's options than of a fixed desire to have a flat course. Dubai in 2005 - not a lot of option regarding the track, but they were willing to foot the bill to hold a WEC and that was the most important consideration. Same for Malaysia 2008 - not a lot of option unless you go farther into the jungle and then there's a whole new set of problems. Terengganu is flat and sandy/ beachy - that's just what they have there. 2006 was in Aachen - which was fairly technical with stony tracks, pavement, some hills. 2002 in Jerez was also not a totally flat course.

There are actually a lot of people in the FEI influential circle that would like to see more technical challenges in the courses - it just primarily boils down to the who/what/where of the host nation.


On Nov 21, 2008, at 2:00 PM, Carla Richardson wrote:

Hi Hans!

Thank you for writing, it is so rare that we get posts from outside the US, with a different viewpoint, thank you, thank you! Or would that be muchas gracias.. (please excuse my poor espanol...)

I wish the US WEC endurance would be held at the Old Dominion site, or another technical trail,


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