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Re: [RC] American Endurance - rides2far

I am rather derisive about >  > the 2010 WEG's venue, however--having
it around the Horsepark makes > me  > contemptuous of the decision
makers--wanting spectator friendly over 
 > world-class competition.  It is not very far to the Daniel Boone  >
Distance Riders' spectacular home turf, and makes me think the  >
endurance committee is full of either wimps or people that like the  
flat-track style.  Such a waste.  It keeps me from wanting to  >
participate as crew or volunteer.

That opinion is pretty unanimous here in the neighborhood. In that crowd
money talks. If money likes flat, then flat it is I suppose. Makes me
wonder why they bother to move the championship around the world if
they're just going to demand the same type course no matter where it

I've been told they've managed to add some more "course" (can't call it
trail) to the 50 that's held there each year (Pyramid Challenge). I've
done it 3 times I think. Can't imagine how you'd have a championship that
involved galloping around the perimeter of a pasture, going out the gate,
back in the next gate and circling that field. You're literally going
down one side of a fence with the horses from the last field going the
opposite way on the other side. They even throw in a lap around the
steeplechase course every time you go in and out of the VC to add
distance. As a spectator that's kinda nice though since you actually get
to see the horses moving before they slow down. There would be scads of
opportunity to cut trail either accidentally or intentionally on that
course.  The Rolex jumps are interesting to ride through though. :-)  If
all holds together I'd kinda like to do the ride this year. Bet we'd get
to see some of what they have in mind...hey, 7 even has Egyptian blood so
I'd get to ride in the grand parade! >g<

For now though I'm packing up for the FLATTEST, FASTEST course I ever
have access to this Sat. I get "technical" courses out the wazoo year in
and year out. Hahira here we come. :-))

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