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Re: [RC] Veterans Day - Michael Lewis

Jean, IK don't normally get involved in political things, and this is not directed at you.  I simply feel obligated to put this out there for folks' reference, as it helps explain why leadership have taken certain stances on world events and America's role as a super power.
I have served in Iraq recently (been home less than three weeks), and have had some basic education in foreign policy during the course of my career as a military officer; it is apparent to me that many folks do not want to take the time to try to understand foreign policy, global political alliances, world history, human nature, and how these things taken together play a role in developing our military policy.  It would serve many Americans well to read the National Security Strategy and try to understand why America has taken the stance it has taken based upon recent/current/not-so-recent world events.
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In all things, even in the dark period of the Vietnam war, some of us tried to keep in mind that the military were doing what they were ordered to do.  Some were there voluntarily, some were drafted. 

Today, most of our military people are in other countries doing what the government requires of them voluntarily.  That doesn't change a thing in my mind.  I say hate/censure the "leaders" who started sending our servicemen to war, not the servicemen themselves.  They didn't have anything to do with the policies and decisions our "leaders" have made.  If you have to protest, keep in mind that the bravery of our servicemen has nothing to do with the stupidity of our "leaders" who apparently think war will solve something.



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