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RE: [RC] Poor showing at WEC Ginger Bill - sandra

It is funny what you are saying because some sheiks were interested in buying some of the US horses because they had spectacular recovery.

Being struck by lightening on trail is something nobody can prepare for and getting back on your horse and keep on going is a very honorable(crazy) thing to do. Apparently the sheiks realize it and just look at the performance of the horses.

This course was a very though one because mother nature was harsh that day, also having to RO for food poisoning must be a heart breaker for another US rider.

You don't have to understand or agree with what the US team is or represents but they are more than decent riders and a very good and strong team.

I'm saying that as a french person, also the french team which is one of the best in the world did not do good, it happens and I still support the french as well.

Just being qualified to go to the WEC is an achievement.

It hurts me to read how easily people criticize, I can only hope the US riders, crew, chef d'equipe, i mean everyone that participated to the WEC to represent the US will not read all the bad mouthing here on ridecamp and if they do, I hope they'll ignore it and stay proud of what they did, do and will do.

I am french and proud of the US team, is there something wrong in the picture? No, I observe and realize how much efforts have been put into the competition.

Sandra, getting ready to the last ride of the year in NJ, and ready to cheer up one of the US rider there as she will be riding the 50.
Yep that's correct! Malaysia last weekend, NJ this weekend!

"On the back of a horse I feel whole, complete, connected to that vital place in the center of me…
and the chaos within me finds balance"