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Re: [RC] jvm are you serious? - steelsidedown

Totally agree Carrie. 
Humans act the same way.... think about it...  You're in the mall, all seems OK, but a bit of unnerving hustle and bustle, and a few too many people around, you're on high alert.  Then suddenly there's 100 people burst thru screaming and running for the exit, you have no idea why.  Do you stand still in the middle of it minding you manners, following the proper fire drill/emergency exit procedures you learned decades ago at school?  Or run like h-e-double hockey sticks for the exit with them?
We, all creatures, act on our emotions before our training.  How can you fault a simplier being for behaving no better than we humans do?
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Subject: Re: [RC] jvm are you serious?

Very good question, Melissa.  I think under those circumstances, training can only go so far.  After all, horses still have brains, emotions and minds of their own.  How can you "train" emotional reactions and adrenaline out of ANY animal or human, for that matter?  They would have to have lobotomies prior to this in order to behave like "Stepford" horses.  Look at how many seasoned racehorses have still attempted to climb right out of the box.  I saw a mare that broke her own neck on a barn wall, just because something spooked her.  They aren't the most rational of beings.

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Re: [RC] jvm are you serious?, Carrie Kitley