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Re: [RC] training - Elizabeth Walker

There is also something else to consider.  All of these horses are experienced, top-level horses with a lot of drive / heart / whatever.  They have to be to have attained the level of achievement that they have.  Those horses know the routine, and they know what a "starting line" is, and they know that they are about to get to **go fast**!!!

What Kathy described is pretty much what my horse Caisson does - on a bit lower level.  :)  I can get on, and warm up (walk/trot) around base camp to my hearts content.  He is quiet, relaxed, listening to weight shifts and voice.  When we get to the out gate (I haven't ever left with the front runners with him), he actually balks for a little bit, as if to say "now?  now? you sure?".  As soon as he sees the first horse up ahead of him, his brain fries ...

I think what was described is what happens when you get a group of top-level, super-conditioned, front-running horses all together in an unfamiliar environment, with all the excitement of a world championship race fizzing around at the start.

Still - it makes me feel better about my own 'race brain'.  :)  

On Nov 9, 2008, at 10:21 AM, FXLivestock@xxxxxxx wrote:

In a message dated 11/09/2008 9:21:53 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, nutzo4horses@xxxxxxxxx writes:
think even the best trained horses are subject to "losing their marbles" with that level of excitement.  Don't forget, they often mirror their riders and I'm sure they were all extremely excited as well, and I'm sure the tension was pretty thick.

I wasn't going to even comment on the training issue but after reading some of the posts I am going to give my perspective because I ride a horse that has major control issues at the start. He is a really successful horse (9 out of 11 100 mile completions, 2007 National 100 mile award winner, 5th in the 2007 National BC championship, and 2007 AHA  High Point 100 mile pure bred).  I am not mentioning his accomplishments to brag but to emphasize he has been very successful at a competitive level  AND  he has issues that I would never put up with if he were a less talented horse. 
Kim Fuess
AERC #6648

Re: [RC] training, FXLivestock