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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.6215 wussification - Chipnml

I have a small gooseneck, no LQ, and I feel like I'm in the lap of luxury.  For 14 years I hauled a 2-horse stock trailer and slept in the back of my pickup.  When I started looking for a new trailer, and knew I wouldn't be able to afford full living quarters, I decided my priority was to be able to stand up and sit down while I was changing clothes.  No more flopping around in the back of my pickup trying to pull tights up!  Now I've moved up one more step by investing in a portaloo.  No more squatting in the back of my trailer to pee when I don't have time to get to the outhouse.  Now I can actually sit down on the portapotty in the back of my trailer!  Woo hoo!  I agree, though, a hot shower REALLY feels good, and I admit to bumming showers off my more fortunate friends with LQ trailers!  But if they're not around, I wash my hair in a bucket, and take a sponge bath in the trailer....and that feels pretty darn good too.