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[RC] Sick after Manzanita! - Valerie Jaques

First, allow me to say that I am blaming no one; I didn't see a single sick horse at the Manzanita ride last weekend.  It's also entirely possible that I brought this home to my own horses, and we were merrily passing it about (none of my horses were the least bit sick at the time).  I just want to make sure everybody who went gets the message that I have a horse that went to the ride who, seven days later, is ill.  I want ya'll to be on alert.  My young horse (4yr mustang) has come down with a cough, lethargy, a runny eye, and is a little dehydrated.  He may have a low-grade fever, but my horsey thermometer broke in the move, and I had to use a people thermometer.  I have no idea how accurate a people digital thermometer used in that manner could possibly be.  The older horses (13yo arab and 16yo NSH) are showing no symptoms; they're just taking advantage of the boss's illness to beat him up.  I did remove him from the pasture so he doesn't have to put up with that treatment.  I know from this he's really feeling puny, because when I've removed him in the past he's paced and gotten all ticked off about it.  Right now he's just standing in the round pen feeling kinda sorry for himself.  He his eating.  Anyway, just wanted to put out the alert.  Don't want anybody caught by surprise!

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