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Re: [RC] Fwd: A PSA re: leaving sick horses at home - Raven

 coughing horse came to the ride with another horse.   The other
horse did go out the following morning and completed the ride.

My pony got very ill from exposure to a sick horse and the owner at a
CTR clinic.  The owner knew her horses had been very sick for months,
and still...she brought this horse to this event. And worse yet...she
did not wash her hands or change her clothes... before vet checking
the other horses!!!!

My pony was so sick....that he spent 11 days at the U of MN in a ICU
isolation stall.

My pony was so sick that he had to undergo horrible medical procedures
and was hooked up to IV's and such for 10 days.

My pony was so sick...that for 10 days he could not eat or drink water.

My pony was so sick that on July 4, 2007...the vets called me at home
to tell me that he was dying and I might want to make the hour drive
to the vet hospital to say good-bye.

My pony was so sick that for 11 days, I cried and could not sleep.

My pony was so sick that in 11 days....he lost almost 150 lbs. For a
13.2 hand...850 lb pony...that is a huge loss.

My pony was so sick that the U of MN vets sent him home to die or

My pony was so sick that it took MONTHS for him to recover!

My pony was so sick that the rest of my riding season was shot.

My pony was so sick that the vet bills totaled over $6,000.00 !!!

My pony was so sick and almost died...and all this could have been PREVENTED~!

How...by being a responsible horse owner and keeping sick/ill horses
AT HOME!   By coming to the event with clean hands and clean
clothes...so not to spread equine illness to innocent horses!

Please think twice before taking your sick/ill horses off your
property. Not only is it unfair to your sick/ill horse to expect them
to carry your butt on the trails.  But, it's TOTALLY UNFAIR to expose
other horses to Communicable Disease!!

'nugh said

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[RC] Fwd: A PSA re: leaving sick horses at home, John Teeter