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[RC] Newbie with a Concern - sherman

I only read the digest and this may have been gone over enough by now but I can’t read the posts, so…


I know many marathon runners and every one of them is pretty darn lean. If I didn’t know how fit they were I might think too thin, but they are very healthy and can go the distance easily. I’ve seen several endurance horses the same way and I know for a fact that at least some of them have green pasture and all the good quality hay they want, in addition to a mash for fats and supplements.  I was going to buy one of these horses before he was even under saddle. He was lean even back then. Some horses truly are just that way.


I think I recall reading studies showing that humans would live longer and healthier if we kept our weight on the lowest end of the current charts of healthy weight for height. Maybe the same is true for our animals? I think about 95% of dogs and indoor cats that I see are grossly overweight.




Sandy Adams wrote:

> there is a problem that is not relegated only to proper feeding, and

> that is that what appears to be a notable number of riders, both new

> and some what experienced at this  point came into the sport because

> it looked like the GREAT fun and challenge it is; but many of them did

> not have an equine education of any kind, and tend to learn what they

> LIKE or what hits their ears first. In addition, as I have heard a few

> times, many riders "know" that a real athlete should be lean. Of

> course, lean athletes bite the dust (think Jim Fix), and so this is

> NOT healthy. The bottom line is that for MAXIMUM output, the input

> must be sufficient. Indeed, one would HOPE to provide MORE than just

> sufficient. One wouldn't give the same amount of WATER to an endurance

> athlete as one would to one's pasture potato would one? Ig you are

> seeing ribs on a horse before he moves a muscle, GET HIM SO GROCERIES<

> WOMAN! or man.... Now, I could use that ribby diet myself....

> s