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RE: [RC] Newbie with a Concern - Ranelle Rubin


You are very right in your concern. IMO, alot of riders increase the physical activity of their horses without increasing the "groceries". I happen to be a fan of maintenance level high quality supplements, very little grain, and free choice good quality forage. My horses are easy keepers no matter how much work they get..every horse I have EVER been responsible for feeding has been this way.

The old "two flakes a day" just doesn't cut it with an endurance horse. Can you do this sport without supplements? Sure you can! Can you do it on alfalfa? Sure you can! Would I do this sport without supplements or on a straight alfalfa diet? NO WAY.

Here is what my horses get:

AM: 2 flakes 3-way grain hay..(Oat, Wheat, Barley)
PM: One flake grass hay, one flake grass/alfalfa

I don't weigh my hay, but these are large flakes out of 100+ lb bales of hay

Very small mash (about 6 c total after soaking): This is just the easiest way to get vitamins and a considerable amount of extra water into my horses.

Beet Pulp
PGR-Dynamite's Pelleted Grain Ration-1-2c. depending on physical activity that day.
1oz. maintenance level Dynamite vitamin
My actively racing horse also gets the joint supplement "Free and Easy"

I will happily email pictures of my "in good flesh" horses to anyone.

I have rescued horses who were underweight and put weight on safely, (while conditioning) too many times to listen to anyone tell me their horse is "just a hard keeper"!!!!

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant
Independent Dynamite Distributor

916-718-2427 cellular
916-848-3662 fax

To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Newbie with a Concern
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 07:52:51 -0400
From: janeenesings@xxxxxxx


I just attended my first endurance ride this weekend (the Texas Tango), and I had a great time as a volunteer.  The ride was well-organized, people were extremely helpful and friendly, and it was just an overall great experience and it definitely motivated me to get more involved (I'm planning to do a 25 at next month's Armadillo).  Here's my concern:  the number of what I consider "skinny" horses I saw at this ride.  Now, I know that human marathon runners are lean and sometimes downright skinny, but, if I had seen some of these horses in someone's pasture, I would have called a rescue to report neglect.  To be fair, the top riders and their horses were not guilty of this; for the most part, their horses looked lean, but in good flesh and well-conditioned.  The first-time riders seemed to all have horses in good weight.  There were, however, a very large number of horses that just looked downright underweight (ribby with toplines prominent and hipbones protruding).  What is up with this?&nbs p; Is it due to overconditioning?  Underfeeding?  Stress?  I really am getting hooked with this sport, but I want to do right by my horses.  I would love to hear some feedback from you guys....

Thanks in advance!

Janeene in Central Texas

[RC] Newbie with a Concern, Janeene