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Re: [RC] Arabian Mind - Kathy Mayeda

Until I had an nearly impossible horse, I thought that Parelli was just something else fun to do but wasn't a high priority in my life. 
The biggest plus is because it's almost a cult, I can go organized Parelli playdays with about 20 riders/horses.  Activities are planned on the ground and ridden - like threading in and out of each other going the opposite directions, tons of spooky stuff, ramps, barrels, "carwashes", you name it.  Since Drako is over-reactive to other horses, having other horses bombing away and doing all sorts of activities simultaneously in the arena is helping him learn to focus on me, rather than the babe next door, or whether or not he needs to challenge the other geldings.
They "chunk down" the tasks, and with Drako's quick mind, he catches on quickly.  Since he has such a busy mind, too many things happening at once can short circuit his Bey Shah disconnect brain pattern quite easily.  Each successive task is built on one another, so success is felt at every stage of the education process.  Yes, time and patience, but it goes quickly if you have small successes.  And the "Horsenality" chart has been quite fascinating and gave me a lot of insight on how do deal with Drako's Jekyll and Hyde personality.
I've made just as many friends in the Parelli world as in the endurance world, and I just am totally amused when the two worlds collide.  There can be a big reality disconnect there sometimes!
Also, I think the guys English is too good, and I'm not sure we are looking at actual desertbred Arabs.  I bet they are from bloodlines imported back to the homeland from US or Australia!  Bet he studied horsemanship in U.S.

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Barbara McCrary <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Having watched a Parelli-trained trainer work with our mare, I agree with Gerald.  the techniques do not frighten a horse, but it does take lots of time and patience to achieve the responses from the horse.  I used to think the Parelli method was a lot of bunk, but not now.  Done right, it really works.  And of course, there are other "natural horsemanship" methods originated by other trainers.  Parelli just seems to have marketed it very well.
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It's Parelli!!!!


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Those crazy Arabian Horse Trainers!  Hope you guys enjoy this video clip.  It does seem to be repetitive in nature.  However, each time I watched the video I realized it is showing the progression of this horses' training.  Bare in mind this is another culture, another country, and their methods may not be the same as what any one of us would us.  However, in fairness, we were not there, to see just how this trainer gets this horse to do the things it does.  All I know is the interaction between horse and trainer does not seem to be one born out of fear.



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