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[RC] beaten barefoot subject - Sbolinge

    I have a couple of horses who have never had shoes on and the whole barefoot thing with them is sooo easy especially since I discovered Renegade boots. Transitioning from shod to barefoot takes a lot of commitment and is not easy. But, there are so many options out there that it is a lot easier now than in the past.I recently got a quarter horse eight year old who has been shod all his life...literally, even all through the winter. I pulled his shoes about 3 months ago and even with boots on he was sore to ride and definitely sore walking around in the pasture. I tried putting epics on him during the day but he literally ripped the gaiters apart with his teeth (he tears up everything he can get his teeth on..just like a very naughty puppy)
then I put sole guard on his soles and it works pretty good put wears off pretty fast and he was still pretty ouchy even with the sole guard. Then I got renegades and put them on over the sole guard which works great for riding..but can't turn him out in the pasture with the renegades on because he rips them up too.  I have a wonderful natural trimmer and Wednesday we are going to do a thing called casting the foot...you can look it up on the Internet but it will make him comfortable in the pasture...it doesn't completely cover the sole so things stay healthy...I expect it to take about two years before he will be absolutely comfortable in the pasture and for short rides, without boots or anything else.  I just cant say enough good things about renegades..But just know that barefoot is not nearly as easy as shoes and you have to be really committed to make the transition from shoes to barefoot. If you email me I will send you some links that will help you out....sbolinge at aol dot com 

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