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[RC] The beaten barefoot subject, sorry guys . . . - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Ok, I know we have all discussed this before, but I'm in need of some
commiseration and encouragement right now.  (And I know there's a
barefoot horses group, I just want to post this here to start with).
I have decided to take my mare barefoot now.  I've had the same farrier
for the last couple years and because she has high/low syndrome, we have
been doing balanced trimming, pads and shoes, trying to correct that.
It costs me $185 every 6 weeks and I just can't do it anymore.  I spoke
to my farrier today and told him I'd like to have him give her a good
balanced trim and go barefoot and he said (in a nice way) that he
doesn't want to have any part of it, that I need to find a natural
barefoot trimmer if I'm going to go that route.  He said he does NOT
recommend going this route with her because, he thinks "her feet will
fall apart and she'll likely have lameness issues."  What??!!  He also
admitted that he may be totally wrong, but there you have it. . . .
There's nothing wrong with her hooves except the high/low and having
been out of balance for the last 3 years (which has since been correct
with xray imaging aids).  And frankly, I think her feet would be better
off barefoot in the long run.  We actually had her bare on the rears for
awhile and she seemed fine.  I realize it's a different ball of wax for
the fronts though.
My dilemma is:  Now, he's gotten me very nervous about taking her
barefoot and I'm questioning my decision.  I don't think he has any
basis for the comment about her feet 'falling apart', but if he's not
comfortable having a part in taking her bare, then that is his
prerogative and I did appreciate his honesty. 
The other thing is, I vowed to myself that I would not get involved with
the Easy Boots as I've seen too many people have issues with them as
well, so as far as our endurance career goes.  It's seemingly over
unless I can find an alternative that is simpler or more foolproof than
the boots.  *sigh*
Sorry to dump, but I need help here.  Thank you.  
Please send your replies to carrie.kitley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for today.

Carrie Kitley
30th Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB
DMLSS Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS)
CACI International Inc, www.caci.com
Fax: 805-606-1179

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