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[RC] Looking to breed for GUARANTEED traits you want? Uh really? - Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty

Heidi wrote:

"I've bred for 35 years, and have always come a lot nearer to what I want by doing so than by combing through scads and scads of the marginal horses that are available out there. The only exception to that is to go to the handful of breeders who are smart enough to do the same, and who occasionally have something available."

Anne Blankenship wrote:
unfortunately, as we all know, it doesn’t always happen like that or there would be only perfect horses out there.

Ms. Kitty wrote:
what are you going to do with him if he really does possess all of the physical traits that you're looking for but ends up with the IQ of a soapdish? Ah Shoot! Another horse that needs to go up for sale at auction?

Heidi wrote:
I'll betcha neither of your parents was purposefully bred to be a consistent breeder, either.

Ms. Kitty wrote:
"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get......." But if you DON"T get what you're hoping for.....don't keep breeding in the hopes that you eventually will get it. Other wise you end up having one of Tori's stories of bonehead gloom and doom. Kinda like the Monarchy. Gotta love them mule eared throwbacks from "perfect bloodlines"


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