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Re: [RC] Olympic Doping - Dawn Carrie

Here's a link to an article about the doped horses.  The Irish rider (Lynch) admits to applying "Equi-block" to his horse's back prior to exercise.  I looked up Equi-block and it is described as an "advanced topical pain reliever" and it contains capsaicin.

On 8/22/08, sherman <sherman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I use it sometimes when my lower back is chronically sore, too. It sure does get hot, I can only use it during the winter. However, I can't imagine it having such a positive affect that it is worth risking testing positive for drug use by continuing to use it. Makes me wonder if it was accidental application, maybe still some on some equipment that transferred to the horse too close to the Olympics? Maybe even trace amounts on grooming tools.







Yes, it is applied externally.  It can relieve pain in sore joints and muscles.  I've used it myself on sore muscles...does help.  I've heard that some riders apply it to the fronts of their horses' legs...it irritates the legs and makes them lift their legs higher (so as to better clear the jumps).  I believe I read that one of the Olympic riders (the Irish guy?) whose horse tested positive regularly applied it to his horse's back before work...perhaps the horse had a chronic sore back?


[RC] Olympic Doping, sherman