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Re: [RC] Disqualified - Elizabeth Walker

No .. I didn't mean "rider packs up and goes home", or "rider fails to present". I meant "horse won't stand still for the vet to check him out".

I agree that "most" horses learn to conserve their energy, but not all. My old boy Shadow was pretty good .. "most" of the time, but back in the day .... there was one LD where we got a completion, even though he was so wired at the end of it that he would not stand still for the vet. One of the the vet secretaries -- a really, really huge fellow -- tried to anchor him by the halter, which caused him to rear, and take the guy with him. The vet just gave up and said "he's not tired ... pass". That would have been justification for giving a DQ. He could have said - bring him back when he will stand for the exam, and if he didn't settle down within the time limit ... DQ.

On Aug 14, 2008, at 7:27 AM, Truman Prevatt wrote:

Elizabeth Walker wrote:
OK, OK. And in reality - I think that DQs are pretty rare, and are only for pretty obvious problems.

That said - the rules aren't specific (and they can't be, really). So - the actual point of disqualification can be a judgement call on the part of the official - such as failure to stand for the vet inspection.


Bad example since the rules state in order to get a completion the horse has to stand for a final vet inspection within an hour. If a rider doesn't bring his horse back for the final inspection, he cannot get a completion.

There are reasons for DQ that are judgment calls, unsafe horse, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. Those, however, will be open to a protest since such one person's unsafe horse is another's excitable but safe horse, one person's unsportsmanlike conduct is another's hard-nosed competition. The RM does have the authority to DQ someone but it will be open to review if there is a protest.



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